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Simple Neurite Tracer
Project Fiji
Source on GitHub
License GPLv3
Release 3.1.3
Date Tue May 16 14:52:55 CDT 2017
Development status Stable
Support status None
Founders Mark Longair
Leads Tiago Ferreira
Developers -
Debuggers -
Reviewers -
Support -
Maintainers Tiago Ferreira, Curtis Rueden
Contributors Mark Longair, Johannes Schindelin, Ignacio Arganda-Carreras, Jan Eglinger, Mark Hiner, Fethallah Benmansour


SNT is ImageJ's complete framework for tracing and analysis of neurons other tube-like structures (e.g., blood vessels). It supports multichannel and time-lapse images, sophisticated hardware accelerated 3D visualization tools, SciView integration, and an extensive repertoire of tools for morphometric analysis.

SNT Overview