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Update Site Statistics

Update Site:
Rolling average:

Analyzing the data yourself

You can download the raw data from:

Here is an example Python script to list all update sites with more than 5000 hits in the year 2022:

import json

year = 2022
cutoff = 5000

with open('stats.json') as f:
    stats = json.load(f)

recent_totals = {
    site: sum(v for date, v in counts.items() if date.startswith(f'{year}-'))
    if isinstance(counts, dict) else 0
    for site, counts in stats.items()

popular = dict(sorted(recent_totals.items(), key=lambda x:x[1]))

for site, total in popular.items():
    if total > cutoff:
        print(f"* {site} = {total}")