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Vital Statistics Sidebar

This page explains how the “Vital statistics” sidebar works.

The sidebar supports quite a few fields; see this comment for a list. Including at least one of these fields will cause the statbox to appear; otherwise, there will be no statbox for the page.


Multi-part URL statistics

Several URL-type stats have multiple related keys (e.g. release-url and release-version). This is to give you control over displayed text in the limited space of the Vital Statistics box. Note that entering a URL alone is typically insufficient to display: you must also enter a corresponding label.

Source URLs

The source-url key is an exception and does not require a corresponding label. Appropriate text will be auto-generated based on the URL domain.

Keys with Special Values

All statbox front matter supports plain-text key:value pairs, but several key types have additional value parsing options.


  • Name | link - Displays the given name with a custom link. This can be absolute (Google | or relative (Google | /people/google)

Team members

All of the team- sections (e.g. team-leads, team-developers) accept comma-separated (,) lists of one or more individual(s). Each person can be in one of three formats, and the formats can be mixed and matched:

  • @person - Looks up the person as an id in the people directory. Note that the @ can appear anywhere in the id, but can not be the very first character of a value - which can be solved by putting the value in quotes, i.e. '@ctrueden, @hinerm'
  • Name | link - Displays the given name with a custom link. See also Affiliation.