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This page collects ImageJ-related presentations, including talks, workshops and posters.

Do you know of a publicly archived ImageJ-related presentation not listed here? Please add it!

Living workshops

These materials are regularly updated, and intended to teach ImageJ and Fiji at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. The LOCI group uses them to teach ImageJ at the AQLM course every year, as well as locally. Videos of the workshops were recorded in Spring 2017; those links are below along with the corresponding slides used at that time.

Title Resources
Introduction to ImageJ/Fiji Spring 2017: slides, video
Spring 2019: slides
Fall 2019: slides
Summer 2021: slides
Spring 2023: slides
Segmentation in ImageJ/Fiji Spring 2017: slides, video
Spring 2019: slides
Winter 2020: slides
Summer 2021: slides
Spring 2023: slides
Scripting with ImageJ/Fiji Spring 2017: slides, video
Spring 2019: slides
Summer 2021: slides
Image processing with ImageJ/Fiji Summer 2023: slides


Date Presenter Title Resources
CZI Imaging 2023
2023-Jul-19 Curtis Rueden The Future of Image Analysis + ImageJ/Fiji slides
From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends
2018-Dec-06 Curtis Rueden,
Tobias Pietzsch,
Christian Birkhold (Dietz)
ImageJ and Friends: Retrospective, current status and future slides (1.6GB PPTX; with movies),
slides (88M PPTX; no movies)
2017 NEUBIAS2020
2017-Feb-16 Curtis Rueden What's New in ImageJ2 ? slides
2015 ImageJ Conference
2015-Sep-03 Wayne Rasband Introduction to ImageJ video
2015-Sep-03 Curtis Rueden ImageJ2 and Fiji: The ImageJ2 platform, and the Fiji distribution of ImageJ video, slides
2015-Sep-04 Mark Tsuchida Microscope control and image acquisition with Micro-Manager video
2015-Sep-04 Florian Jug Getting stuff done – Software synergy with ImageJ + KNIME video
Featured presentations
2015-Sep-04 Pariksheet Nanda Sharing the value of software freedom with non-programmers video, abstract, transcript
2015-Sep-04 Tiago A. Ferreira Alternative approaches for neuronal morphometry video, abstract
2015-Sep-03 John Bogovic The Thin Plate Spline method for smooth non-rigid transformations video, abstract, slides
Lightning talks
2015-Sep-04 Anne Alerding Quantifying soybean stem tissues using common tools in ImageJ & Fiji video, abstract
2015-Sep-03 Fabrice de Chaumont Yet another ImageJ friend: Icy video, abstract
2015-Sep-03 Jesus Manuel Falagan Plugins to import, visualize, process & write astronomical FITS files video, abstract
2015-Sep-04 Bill Heeschen Quantitative characterization of cellular irregularities in extruded polystyrene foam using digital image processing and analysis video, abstract, macro,
slides (PDF), slides (PPTX)
2015-Sep-03 Mark Hiner ImageJ+MATLAB: Reunited video, abstract, slides
2015-Sep-04 Irene Landrum SWAMP – a no-cost, open, high-performance computing platform for continuous software assurance video, abstract, slides
2015-Sep-03 Melissa Linkert OME Bio-Formats: 10 years of proprietary image data video, abstract, slides
2015-Sep-03 Michael Majurski Accurate and scalable Microscopy Image Stitching Tool (MIST) video, abstract
2015-Sep-04 Benjamin Nanes Slide Set: Simplified batch processing with ImageJ2 video, abstract
2015-Sep-04 Brian Northan Flexible Deconvolution using ImageJ Ops video, abstract, slides
2015-Sep-04 Stephan Saalfeld Seamless stitching without blending video, abstract
2015-Sep-04 Raghavender Sahdev TimeLapseReg – An ImageJ plugin for drift correction of video sequence in time-lapse microscopy video, abstract
2015-Sep-04 Benjamin Schmid Real-time multi-view deconvolution of time-lapse data on the GPU video, abstract
2015-Sep-04 Amitabh Verma Acquisition, processing & re-processing using OpenPolScope plugin for Micro-Manager video, abstract
2015-Sep-04 Thorsten Wagner NanoTrackJ – An open-source multi-modal size characterization tool for nanoparticle tracking analysis based on ImageJ video, abstract, slides
2015-Sep-04 Petr Walczysko The Open Microscopy Environment (OME) video, abstract
2015-Sep-04 Jay Warrick JEX – a platform for data management and batch processing with standard tools video, abstract
2015-Sep-03 Aryeh Weiss Automated processing of telomeres with ImageJ and R video, abstract, slides
2012 ImageJ Conference
2012-Oct-24 Curtis Rueden ImageJ2: Current Status and Future Directions slides
Bioimage analysis workshop - ISBI 2012
2012-Apr-30 Curtis Rueden ImageJ2 – ImageJ for the Next Generation of Biological Image Data slides, abstract
2010 ImageJ Conference
2010-Oct-27 Curtis Rueden ImageJDev: Next Generation ImageJ slides
Other presentations
2023-Aug-09 Mark Hiner Introduction to the ImageJ2 Team (C-MITIE Retreat) slides
2023-Jan-26 Edward Evans Introduction to the ImageJ Ecosystem (Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop 2023) slides
2022-Jan-20 Edward Evans Introduction to ImageJ (Virtual Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop 2022) slides
2020-May-13 Ellen Dobson ImageJ: An Open Platform for Scientific Image Analysis (Virtual AQLM 2020) slides
2019-Mar-28 Curtis Rueden ImageJ – Vision, Mission and Values: Challenges of a diverse community slides
2015-Jan-12 Johannes Schindelin The ImageJ Ops Framework: Image processing made easy slides
2014-Mar-20 Johannes Schindelin SciJava Common: Plugins, Contexts, Utilities and More slides
2010-Apr-06 Curtis Rueden ImageJ2: Directions & Goals slides
2010-Apr-01 Curtis Rueden LOCI, Fiji & ImageJ2 slides


Date Presenter Title Resources
2017 NEUBIAS2020
- Curtis Rueden Scripting in ImageJ - An introduction to ImageJ Ops slides
2015 ImageJ Conference
2015-Sep-03 Aryeh Weiss An introduction to digital image processing video, abstract, slides, data
2015-Sep-03 Jan Brocher Image processing, feature extraction and analysis using the BioVoxxel Toolbox video, abstract, slides
2015-Sep-03 Tiago A. Ferreira Scripting with BAR video, abstract
2015-Sep-03 Dominik Lindner
Petr Walczysko
The OMERO platform for management of microscopy data and beyond video, abstract
2015-Sep-03 Fabrice de Chaumont
Stephane Dallongeville
Hands on Icy ! video, abstract
2015-Sep-03 Matt McCormick SimpleITK video, abstract, interactive
2015-Sep-04 Curtis Rueden
Brian Northan
ImageJ2 scripts: Parameters + ImageJ Ops video 1, video 2, abstract, slides
2015-Sep-04 Marcel Austenfeld Statistical image analysis and reproducible reports with ImageJ and R video, abstract
Other workshops
2023-July-27 Edward Evans Van Andel Institute Image processing workshop with ImageJ/Fiji slides
2022-April-30 Edward Evans AQLM Image processing, segmentation and scripting with ImageJ/Fiji Workshp slides
2022-April-27 Ellen TA Dobson & Edward Evans ABRF Light Microscopy Research Group - 3D Segmentation using ImageJ slides
2021-August Ellen TA Dobson CZI Workshops Workshop I video, Workshop I slides, Workshop II video, Workshop II slides
2020-April-02 Robert Haase Lecture BioImage Analysis 2020 YouTube Channel
2016-Nov-17 Ignacio Arganda-Carreras Introduction to Image Segmentation using ImageJ/Fiji slides (PDF)
2015-Nov-03 LOCI Intro to ImageJ Ops - Usage and Development slides (PDF), slides (PPT)
- BioDIP Basics of Quantitative Image Analysis slides (PDF)


Date Presenter Title Resources
2015 ImageJ Conference
2015-Sep-03 Ignacio Arganda-Carreras Trainable Weka Segmentation: a tool for machine-learning-based image segmentation abstract, poster
2015-Sep-03 Jan Brocher The BioVoxxel Toolbox abstract, poster
2015-Sep-03 Olaya Fernandez-Gayol Using the wrMTrck plugin to analyze the Morris Water maze in mice abstract, poster
2015-Sep-03 David Logan The ImageJ-CellProfiler Interface abstract, poster
2015-Sep-03 Tobias Pietzsch BigDataViewer—Visualization and Image Processing for Terabyte Data Sets abstract, poster
2015-Sep-03 Stephan Saalfeld ImgLib2 for visualization and generic image processing abstract, poster
2015-Sep-03 Raghavender Sahdev TimeLapseReg – An ImageJ plugin for drift correction of video sequence in time-lapse microscopy abstract, poster
2015-Sep-03 Thorsten Wagner Tools and methods of the Biomedical Imaging Group for ImageJ: An Overview abstract, poster