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Mark Hiner

Mark was a member of the core ImageJ2 development team at LOCI from 2011-2016, earning the title of Champion of ImageJ for his tireless enthusiasm and dedication to the community. He is co-founder of the SCIFIO project, a robust and extensible library for reading and writing scientific image file formats, and accessible foundation for image format processing. He also developed the ImageJ-MATLAB project for ImageJ2/MATLAB interoperability. Mark rejoined the ImageJ2 team in 2020.

My work at LOCI

After working at LOCI for two years as a Research Assistant, Mark completed a M.S. degree in computer science and decided to stay on as a Research Intern. Until 2016 he worked as the lead developer on SCIFIO. His primary areas of interest within CS are artificial intelligence, robotics and programming languages.

You can follow his latest work on GitHub.

Earlier work at LOCI includes:

  • Implemented write functionality in BFITK plugins
  • Modified Jar2Lib to automatically collect its output C++ libraries into a single location, and compress that directory for easy automation.
  • Added a generic utility library to the Jar2Lib project, which includes methods for consistent JVM invocation.
  • Modified cpp-wrap to account for the changes in Jar2Lib’s structure
  • Created a Java Native Interface (JNI) implementation of BFITK.
  • Established benchmarking process to compare three BFITK implementations
  • Reworked the build system for the BFITK plugins - removing Ant dependency in favor of CMake post-build commands
  • Modified Jar2Lib to accept user-defined files to append to the automatically generated CMakeLists.txt build files, allowing for custom options to be defined.
  • Used user-defined appending of make files to remove Ant dependency for building BF-CPP (stand-alone C++ library of Bio-Formats) by creating a Jar2Lib script
  • Cross-platform testing of BFITK with FARSIGHT toolkit.
  • Creation of comprehensive developer and user guides for using Bio-Formats with the FARSIGHT toolkit.
  • Contributed to the FARSIGHT toolkit functionality (general usability improvements, such as hotkeys, window focus and a pixel probe).