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Brian Northan

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Brian is a consultant who works on image analysis problems. He is a contributor to the ImageJ Ops project.

What is Brian working on


I consult mainly with startups and small businesses, in the biomed space, who are looking to commercialize academic research. Often times they have pre-existing matlab and other legacy code that needs to be converted to a user-friendly app, such as an ImageJ-plugin. Recent projects have included:

  1. Deconvolution
  2. Bio-image analysis and feature detection
  3. Single particle localization
  4. Machine learning
  5. Image analysis for clinical trials and product validation


I have contributed to the following projects

  1. ImageJ Ops
  2. ImageJ Scripting
  3. ImageJ ITK

Efforts I am interested in, and would like to contribute to in the future

  1. High performance and GPU computing
  2. Machine learning and deep learning for ImageJ
  3. Matlab bridge