BigStitcher Open existing

When clicking Plugins ▶ BigStitcher ▶ BigStitcher in the the Fiji menu, it will open a macro-scriptable dialog that looks as following:

BigStitcher import exisitng 0.png

You have several options of how you can select your XML dataset file:

  • Drag & drop the XML file in there (e.g. from Explorer/Finder/...)
  • Use the file chooser (click Browse ...) to select the XML file
  • Type or copy & paste the full path of the XML file

If the XML file was successfully recognized, the dialog will change and show a quick summary of the contents of the dataset (the number of views, attributes, etc...) in green:

BigStitcher import exisitng 1.png

If there was an error parsing the XML file or the XML file doesn't exist the dialog will show respective warnings and errors. Finally just click OK and the BigStitcher window will appear.

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