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TEM suite

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This is a suite of useful imageJ plugins that are designed for analysis of images and diffraction patterns taken on a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Included in the suite are:

  1. calc dSpace is a simple way to find interplanar spacing values in imageJ.
  2. get dSpace is a more accurate and advanced way of finding d-spacing.
  3. pub Montage is a high quality montaging plugin designed for figure submission to a peer review journal.
  4. get Meta extracts the metadata from all the DM3 files in the directory and saves them to a text file within that directory.

Getting Started

The following are ways of installing this suite of plugins. The first way is the easiest and fastest method, but the second way offers more freedom.

Installation via Fiji updater

The easiest way to install the TEM suite of plugins is to use the Fiji updater:

  1. Download and install Fiji
  2. Start the updater with Help > Update
  3. Click the Manage update sites button in the ImageJ Updater Window
  4. In the Manage update sites window scroll down to the TEM suite entry and check the box in the left hand column
  5. Close the Manage Update Sites window and click the Apply Changes button on the ImageJ Updater Window
  6. Restart ImageJ

This will install the plugins in a plugin/sripts/TEM folder, which has the advantage of creating it’s own menu item in ImageJ, so you don’t have to go hunting for it in the massive Plugins menu.

Manual Installation

If you want to just use one of the plugins or you want to place them in a different location, follow these steps:

  1. The text of these scripts can be viewed on the update site
  2. Click on the plugin you want (make sure it is the most recent release)
  3. Copy the text of the desired plugin and paste it into a blank text file
  4. Save it with the extension .ijm in the desired location within your imageJ application
  5. Go to Help => Refresh Menus
  6. Restart ImageJ