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How to work with orthoslices

You can download example source code for this HowTo here.

Before reading this HowTo, it may be helpful to read The relation between Content and Universe.

When displaying a Content as orthoslices, the corresponding ContentNode of the Content is of type OrthoGroup.

OrthoGroup extends VoltexGroup, and therefore also shares its functionality regarding volume editing. Additionally, OrthoGroup provides functions for adjusting the displayed slices (planes) and hiding them:

// Add the image as a volume
Content c = univ.addOrthoslice(imp);

// Retrieve the OrthoGroup OrthoGroup ortho = (OrthoGroup)c.getContent();

for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {

// Hide the x-axis ortho.setVisible(AxisConstants.X\_AXIS, false);

// Show it again and hide the z-axis ortho.setVisible(AxisConstants.X\_AXIS, true); ortho.setVisible(AxisConstants.Z\_AXIS, false);

// Show it again ortho.setVisible(AxisConstants.Z\_AXIS, true);

Important methods of OrthoGroup

public void setSlice(int axis, int v);

public int getSlice(int axis);

public void decrease(int axis);

public void increase(int axis);

public boolean isVisible(int axis);

public void setVisible(int axis, boolean b);