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2011-12-14 - Fiji Hackathon in Dresden

A great Fiji hackathon took place between Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 18, 2011 at the MPI-CBG, which besides hosting also provided generous sponsoring of food and accommodation, and again brought together biologists and developers associated with the various bioimage analysis projects.


The topic was Integration, including: Fiji + ImageJ2, OMERO + ImageJ, KNIME + ImageJ, Icy + ImageJ, OMERO + Icy, KNIME + OMERO and more.

This is the hackathon where the SciJava idea was originally born!


There were 25 people participating at various times, though only a few stayed for the entire duration.

Here is the list of participants together with their primary affiliation:

Kevin Eliceiri ImageJ2
Curtis Rueden IJ2/Fiji
Barry DeZonia IJ2
Johannes Schindelin Fiji
Christian Dietz KNIME
Martin Horn KNIME
Melissa Linkert OME (Bio-Formats)
Erwin Frise Fiji/uManager
Mark Longair Fiji
Josh Moore OMERO
Jean-Marie Burel OMERO
Jurgen Mayer CRG Barcelona
Stephan Preibisch Fiji/ImgLib
Benjamin Schmid Fiji/3D Viewer
Pavel Tomancak Fiji
Daniel James White Fiji/Coloc 2/SPIM
Michael Doube Fiji/BoneJ
Tobias Pietzsch Fiji/ImgLib
Peter Pitrone SPIM
Fernando Carrillo Fiji
Fabrice de Chaumont Icy
Stephane Dallongeville Icy
Alex Krull Fiji
Jiri Matas Computer Vision (Prague) special guest
Boris Flach Computer Vision (Prague) special guest


The following chart illustrates when everyone was present:


* Dresden locals include:

  • Fernando Carrilo
  • Michael Doube
  • Tom Kazimiers
  • Alex Krull
  • Tobias Pietzsch
  • Peter Pitrone
  • Daniel James White
  • Pavel Tomancak

Some locals were not present at the hackathon on weekends.


Dresden Hackathon 2011 Pictures by Vineeth Surendranath