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This page describes the KNIME Analytics Platform.

KNIME Analytics Platform

The KNIME Analytics Platform is an open source data analytics, reporting and integration platform and application. KNIME integrates various components for machine learning and data mining through its modular data pipelining concept. A graphical user interface allows assembly of nodes for data preprocessing (ETL: Extraction, Transformation, Loading), for modeling and data analysis and visualization. KNIME is an acronym for Konstanz Information Miner.

The KNIME Image Processing extension, nicknamed KNIP, provides ca. 100 nodes for (pre)-processing, filtering, segmentation, feature extraction, various views (2D, 3D), etc. and integrations for various other image processing tools are available. As part of KNIP, there is an ImageJ extension for KNIME consisting of two basic parts: the support for ImageJ macro execution, and the integration of ImageJ2 plugins as KNIME nodes. Both approaches are available as KNIME plugins (currently beta status).

See also

  • The ImageJ Ops framework for image-processing algorithms, which is developed as a collaboration between the ImageJ2 and KNIME teams.