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Conference 2015 Hackathon

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There was a hackathon in Madison following the ImageJ Conference 2015.


There were two primary topics for this hackathon:

  1. Learnathon. For the first half, we covered the current ImageJ2 and SciJava APIs with informal presentations and workshops. We spent some time beefing up and updating the tutorials.
  2. Ops. The second half focused on development of the ImageJ Ops component for “write once, run anywhere” image processing. We added more algorithms and routines to the core library, and continued polishing the Ops framework itself, as well as the ImageJ2 data model.

Side projects

As always, there were lots of other exciting collaborations going on, too!


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* Madison locals include:

Some people were not present at the hackathon on weekends.


Thursday, September 3 - Friday, September 4

ImageJ 2015 conference at the H.F. DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, 330 N. Orchard St., Madison, WI 53715.

Saturday, September 5 - Friday, September 11

WAR Room (B1121), Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, 330 N. Orchard St., Madison, WI 53715.


We had a group lunch on Wednesday, September 9 from noon - 1pm. (There was single reservation conflict with B1121 during this time.)

Saturday, September 12 - Tuesday, September 15

Room 224 Animal Sciences, 1675 Observatory Dr.,+Madison,+WI See map

The hackathon formally concluded on September 15 at 3:30pm.