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Open an image

How to open an image in ImageJ2?

The answer to this question depends on how you use ImageJ.

  • Do you want the open an image using the graphical user interface?
  • Are you writing a script?
  • Are you using Java, to develop an ImageJ2 plug-in or do write your one program using ImgLib2 and ImageJ libraries?

From the GUI

In the menu select FileOpen… or FileImport.

From a Script

What are then possible ways to open an image when you are writing an Python / Groovy / … script in ImageJ?

Use a parameter of type Dataset

When the following script is run in ImageJ. ImageJ will ask to user to select two Images, before it runs the script.

#@ Dataset firstImage
#@ Dataset secondImage
#@ UIService ui

Use the DatasetIOService

#@ DatasetIOService io
#@ UIService ui
path = "/path/to/image.tif"
image =

From Java

import net.imagej.ImageJ;
ImageJ ij = new ImageJ();
Object image ="/path/to/image.tif");
// OR, if you need to know the object will be a Dataset:
Dataset dataset = ij.scifio().datasetIO().open("/path/to/image.tif");