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This page describes the Fiji distribution of ImageJ.


Fiji is an image processing package—a “batteries-included” distribution of ImageJ2, bundling a lot of plugins which facilitate scientific image analysis.


~ Download Fiji for your OS ~
Windows Windows 64-bit (USA), (European mirror)
Windows 32-bit (USA), (European mirror)
macOS macOS (x86_64) (USA), (European mirror)
Linux Linux (64-bit) (USA), (European mirror)
Linux No JRE (USA), (European mirror)

See the Fiji downloads page for Life-Line versions, etc.


Fiji is released as open source under the GNU General Public License.

Fiji builds on top of the ImageJ2 core, which is licensed under the permissive BSD 2-Clause license.

Fiji also includes the original ImageJ, which is free of copyright.

Plugins and other components have their own licenses.

See the Licensing page for details.


Fiji is supported by several laboratories and institutions:

Fiji is an open source project, so everybody is welcome to contribute with plugins, patches, bug reports, tutorials, documentation, and artwork.

If you’d like to share an idea or project, please share them with the community.