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This page describes content relating to the Fiji distribution of ImageJ. Click the logo for details.

Shortcuts for editing and navigating the main view of TrackMate

The TrackMate tool config panel

When a TrackMate session is running, the Fiji toolbar displays a new tool specific to TrackMate.


This tool must be active for the shortcuts displayed below to work. By ‘active’, we simply means that it must be selected.

Double-clicking on the tool icon will bring the TrackMate tool config panel:


The following tutorials exemplifies how to do manual curation or editing of tracks, where these shortcuts and tools are used:


Key / Mouse Action
click inside a spot Select the spot.
shift + click Add / Remove from selection.
click and drag Draws a freehand ROI. All spots in the current frame inside the ROI are selected.
shift + click and drag The spots across all frames inside the ROI are selected.
Key / Mouse Action
/ When a spot is selected, navigate within a track, forward and backward in time.
/ Within a track, move across siblings. That is: move to a spot that belongs to the same track within the same frame. For instance: across two daughter cells after a cell division.
/ Navigate across tracks.
f / g Change the time-point currently displayed. Move backward / forward in time, by an amount specified in the TrackMate tool config panel.


All editing commands require the mouse to be placed inside a spot. No need to click.

Key / Mouse Action
a Add a new spot at the mouse location.
If the auto-linking mode is on, the new spot is automatically linked to the spot currently selected, and the new spot becomes selected.
d Delete the spot at the mouse location.
q / e Change the radius of the spot at the mouse location. Make it smaller / bigger.
shift + q / e Like above, but with greater amount of changes.
l Toggle a link between two spots in the selection. There must be exactly two spots selected, and they need to be not in the same frame. If a link already exists between the two selected spots, it is removed.
shift + a Start semi-automatic tracking for the spot in the selection. The parameters for semi-automatic tracking can be edited in the TrackMate tool config panel.
shift + l Toggle auto-linking mode on / off.