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Hue Colors

Syngenta Plugins > Hue Colours Plugin

This plug-in provides the ability to segment images in colour-space.

The filter can be found under the ImageJ Plugins menu:

Plugins > Segmentation > Hue Colours

To invoke the filter from a macro use the following, e.g.

run("Hue Colours", "<parameter values>");

To invoke the filter programmatically use the PlugInFilterRunner, e.g.

import ij.ImagePlus;
import ij.WindowManager;
import ij.plugin.filter.PlugInFilter;
import ij.plugin.filter.PlugInFilterRunner;

import com.syngenta.imagej.plugins.imagecolours.HueColoursFilter;

// Open an image and make it current image.
final ImagePlus image=new Opener().openImage(inputImagePath);

// Create and apply the filter to the current image.
final PluginFilter filter=new HueColoursFilter();
        new PlugInFilterRunner(filter,"","");