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Serial Macro Extensions

Serial Macro Extensions


This plugin provides methods to talk to a device attached to a serial port, directly from the ImageJ Macro language, using the Macro Extension mechanism. You can:

  • list the available serial ports
  • establish a serial connection
  • check if the serial connection is alive
  • send commands over the serial connection
  • recieve what is available from the serial port
  • close the connection

See also

  • IJSerial plugin (but requires a separate config file, does not provide persistence to the serial connection)


Jérôme Mutterer, Tom Mueller, Graeme Awcock, Michael Schmid

Installation (all platforms)

  • Requires JSSC library (
  • Download serial_ext2.jar to the plugins folder
  • Restart ImageJ


  • Make the macro interpreter aware of the new extensions:

run("serial ext2");

  • Get a list of available serial ports:

ports = Ext.ports();

  • Establish a serial connection to the serial device, using COM8 port and a bitrate of 9600 bps:"COM8",9600,"");

This is enough e.g. for the Arduino, defaults parameters are DATABITS_8,STOPBITS_1,PARITY_NONE"COM1",14400,"DATABITS_8 STOPBITS_2 PARITY_ODD");

An example of advanced serial port configuration

Available options

// DEFAULT: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity

// Databits: // DATABITS_5 // DATABITS_6 // DATABITS_7 // DATABITS_8

// Stopbits: // STOPBITS_1 // STOPBITS_2 // STOPBITS_1_5


  • Read what the serial device sends:

data = Ext.readUntil("\n");

  • Send a string command to the serial device:


  • Close the active serial port:


  • Poll if a serial connection is already there:

active = Ext.alive(); // returns "0" or "1"

  • Get help:

print ( );


  • 2023-06-17 (): Move doc to wiki; Use JSSC as underlying library

  • 2018-10-8 (MIFOBIO2018): a working RXTX version for Windows 64-bit systems was obtained from Copy RXTXcomm.jar to jre/lib/ext/ and rxtxSerial.dll and rxtxParallel.dll to jre/bin

  • 0.12 : GA and MS fixed a byte encoding issue.