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Pendent Drop

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Pendent drop profile integration and fitting

Brief description

This plug-in allows for interactive or automated adjustment of a profile to an image of a pendent drop. The plugin reports the capillary length providing the best fit, as well as surface tension, volume and surface associated with this profile.


The pendent drop method is commonly used to measure surface tensions of liquids. It consists in analysing the shape of a drop hanging typically from a capillary tube and about to detach (sometimes the inverse situation of a bubble forming at the bottom of a liquid is preferred, or that of a sessile drop or bubble). The shape is very sensitive to the unknown interfacial tension. The (axisymmetric) drop profile is described by only one non-dimensional parameter (tip radius over capillary length), although in practice five dimensional parameters can be adjusted within this plug-in: tip position and curvature, tilt of symetry axis and capillary length. The surface tension is calculated from the latter if the density difference is given.


The latest stable version is uploaded to the Fiji update site

Follow the procedure described on the Fiji wiki at How to follow a 3rd party update site to have Fiji download and install the plugin (Fiji will keep track of updates).