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OMEVisual is a Fiji plugin to easily visualize OME metadata.


  • Open your image in Fiji.
  • Start the plugin with PluginsUtilitiesVisualize OME Metadata.
  • A window should open with the metadata in it.

Please note that :

  • This goal of this plugin is not to implement all the OME features.
  • This plugin makes several strong assumptions about the OME model in order to simplify the interface :
    • Each image contains only one Pixels element.
    • Each TiffData contains only one Plane.
    • Plane and TiffData informations are displayed at the same location without distinction.
  • Any ideas to improve the visualization and/or add OME features is very welcome :
    • The best way is to submit a PR.
    • You can also open an issue and post an OME-TIFF file which contains additional OME features you would like to see added to the plugin.

OMEVisual Screenshot

  • Source code on GitHub :


OMEVisual has been created by Hadrien Mary.

This work started in 2016 at the Gary Brouhard laboratory at the University of McGill.