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Miniature Faking

This is an interactive non-scientific fun plugin to fake miniature photographs from existing images. The plugin fakes an effect that can be achieved optically by tilting the projection plane behind the lens in a camera. It uses Integral Images to smooth the image with a variant smoothing kernel whose size increases in proportion with its distance to the ‘tilt axis’. The ‘tilt axis’ is a line where the images remains maximally sharp. The location and orientation of the ‘tilt axis’ and the intensity of the effect can be adjusted using the line tool which is activated by the plugin by default. The plugin is not (yet) in the menus but can be executed from the Javascript/ Jython/ Beanshell terminal using:

new mpicbg.ij.integral.InteractiveTilt().run("");

People sitting in the MPI-CBG cafeteria.


A crossroad in NYC.


A view over DC.


Some cars in front of a restaurant.


A traveler in the mountains.