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Labkit - How To Use Labkit In An ImageJ Macro?

Labkit - How To Use Labkit In An ImageJ Macro?

Automatic image segmentation can be used to segment a large number of images. Beforehand, make sure of the following:

  • Images must be similar in order to get reproducible results
  • Brightness and contrast must be normalized across images
  • (Optional) background removal can improve results
  • Select a representative image

Open the representative image with Labkit and segment the image as described in the quick automatic segmentation. Save the trained classifier SegmentationSave Classifier … into a file. Finally, you can use the following ImageJ macro to automatically segment images with the trained classifier.

// ImageJ macro for segmenting a list of images
folder = "C:/path/to/folder/"
for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
   open(folder + "image_" + i + ".tif");
   run("Segment Image With Labkit", "segmenter_file=" + folder + "my_pretrained_classifier.classifier use_gpu=false");
   saveAs("Tiff", folder + "segmentation_" + i + ".tif");