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GDSC SMLM plugins provide various tools for single molecule localisation analysis.

  • Fit an image, or series of images, using a 2D Guassian Point Spread Function (PSF)
  • Save results to a table, a file, an image and/or to memory
  • Trace or cluster localisations through time to identify molecules
  • Correct drift in long time course images
  • Estimate fluorophore dark-time and blinking rate
  • Create localisation density images
  • Create custom PSFs from calibration images
  • Create simulated data using a Gaussian or custom PSF with configurable molecule populations and diffusion
  • Calibrate the gain and read noise of your microscope camera
  • Estimate noise in an image
  • Estimate resolution using Fourier Ring Correlation (FRC)

See the latest documentation on ReadTheDocs.

Find the code on GitHub.