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2023-06-09 - Web and Cloud Infrastructure for AI-Powered BioImage Analysis

From Tuesday, June 6, 2023 through Friday, June 9, 2023, the SciLifeLab in Stockholm, Sweden hosted ~15 developers for a hackathon to push forward development of web-, cloud-, and AI-based software infrastructure for working doing bioimage analysis, such as ImJoy and ImageJ.JS, as well as to interface with such infrastructure from related applications such as Fiji, Piximi, ITK, and Icy.


Wei Ouyang, Carlos Garcia, Caterina Fuster, Curtis Rueden, Jonas Klotz, Matt McCormick, Nodar Gogoberidze, Benjamin Wilhelm, Craig Russell, Andréa Papaleo, Simon Franchini, Tomaz Fogaça Vieira, Sebastian Soyer, Weize Xu, Iván Hidalgo, Vera Galinova