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2016-01-05 - ImageScience is moving to an update site

Resulting from a discussion with Erik Meijering, the ImageScience plugins have moved to their own dedicated update site, and will no longer be distributed as part of core Fiji.

What moved?

The ImageScience plugins include:

There is also a fifth plugin, NeuronJ, which is now part of the ImageScience update site, not part of Fiji previously.


The main reasons for the switch are:

How does this affect users?

If you are using these plugins in your own workflows (scripts, macros, plugins, etc.), then you will need to enable the ImageScience update site for those workflows to remain functional.

We will leave the current versions of the ImageScience plugins on the Fiji update site for a few more weeks, to give people time to transition to the update site. We anticipate a “spring cleaning” announcement in a couple of months, announcing the removal of several plugins, including the ImageScience ones.

As always, thanks for your support, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns with this change.