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2015-07-02 - ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-31

Today, the ImageJ team has made a new release of ImageJ2: version 2.0.0-rc-31. This release includes usability improvements to ImageJ Ops, as well as restoration of a classic ImageJ 1.x feature: the single instance listener.

What’s new

This release includes significant updates to several components:

SciJava ImageJ ImgLib2
scijava-ui-swing 0.6.2
scijava-common 2.44.0
scripting-beanshell 0.2.2
scripting-clojure 0.1.3
scripting-groovy 0.2.2
scripting-java 0.3.3
scripting-javascript 0.4.1
scripting-jruby 0.2.2
scripting-jython 0.2.2
imagej-common 0.15.1
imagej-legacy 0.17.0
imagej-ops 0.15.0
imagej-ui-swing 0.12.0
imglib2 2.3.0
imglib2-algorithm 0.3.0
imglib2-algorithm-gpl 0.1.5


  • Return of the single-instance listener! (imagej-legacy#116).
  • ImageJ Ops now has convenient “built-in” methods (imagej-ops@f5cf38ea). These built-ins allow type-safe access to all the core ops, backed by a robust test framework.

How to update

Use the HelpUpdate… command to update your ImageJ installation. Please send any comments to the ImageJ mailing list. Thank you for the continued feedback and support!