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2015-02-09 - ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-24 released

Today, the ImageJ team is pleased to announce a new public release candidate for ImageJ2: version 2.0.0-rc-24.

SCIFIO rc-23 vs. rc-24 performance comparison

<p>ImageJ 1.x vs. SCIFIO performance comparison</p>
ImageJ 1.x vs. SCIFIO performance comparison

What’s new

First pass to reduce SCIFIO overhead:

  • Fixed a bug resulting in 2-second timeouts when calling SCIFIO from a macro (b83c41e5).
  • Improved caching of common data (boosts performance throughout ImageJ2) (7ae4103a…24051249).
  • SCIFIO configurations use more sensible defaults, favoring performance.
  • For some highly unscientific benchmarks of performance, see right.

First wave of improvements from 2015-01 Konstanz ImageJ Ops hackathon

  • Better op code generation layer via Groovy parser (c51ce639).
  • Divide built-in op implementations into namespaces (4e4a9e2f).
  • Improve the project’s build time (1c9d1d05).
  • Better error messages when ops don’t match (4de825c6).
  • Support for unary & binary arithmetic with primitives (af05aff6).
  • New kernel implementations + FFT ops (6c01f0ba, 61062163, e5567c3e).

Updated messages for Refresh Menus & related commands to be more user-friendly (hopefully).

What’s next

Looking ahead at short-term goals:

  • Fixes/improvements for command-line functionality.
  • More SCIFIO performance improvements.
  • An automated troubleshooter to improve the average user experience.

How to update

Use the HelpUpdate… command to update your ImageJ installation. Please send any comments to the ImageJ mailing list. Thanks for the continued feedback and support!