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2014-01-25 - JSLIC Superpixels algorithm via CMP-BIA

Another contribution from professional computer vision researchers to Fiji is the JSLIC superpixel algorithm recently contributed by Jiri Borovec.

It is brought to you from the Center for Machine Perception (CMP) which is a university research center performing fundamental and applied research in computer vision, robotics, machine learning, pattern recognition, and mathematics. Jiri is a member of the the Biomedical Imaging Algorithms group (BIA) headed by Jan Kybic who develops new algorithms for biomedical image processing. Thus CMB-BIA tools.

The CMP-BIA tools is a package for ImageJ/Fiji which will perform image segmentation and registration. For a fast integration of their plugins into Fiji you can use their own update site.

We are exploiting here our Czech connections and are looking forward to many more cool tools coming to Fiji from CMP-BIA.