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2013-09-27 - Personal Update Sites

Probably the most popular feature of Fiji is the updater which lets users and developers alike keep up-to-date without hassles. Developers upload their macros, scripts or plugins, and users are notified whenever there are new versions available that can be downloaded with a couple of mouse clicks.

The feature is so popular that we worked hard to allow for 3rd-party update sites. The only problem with such sites was that you needed to have your own server to set up your own update site.

But this just changed.

For a couple of weeks now, the updater supports personal update sites, the perfect way for every Fiji/ImageJ user to share their macros, scripts and plugins. Thanks to LOCI at UW-Madison who host the personal update sites, everybody who wants to distribute their macros, scripts and/or plugins can do so within five minutes.

From now on, there is no excuse anymore for articles demonstrating or using ImageJ macros or plugins… it is too easy to set up an update site and upload those macros and plugins…

Find out how…