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2012-09-14 - The Updater moved

The Fiji Updater moved to ImageJ2!

It has always been the goal of the Fiji project to contribute to the ImageJ community. We have been pleased to contribute many bug fixes and useful features such as the Command Finder.

In the same spirit, the ImageJ2 project has mimicked and enhanced this open development style. One of the enhancements in ImageJ2’s development, from which Fiji can benefit, is the addition of an automated test suite which is run every night by a dedicated server.

Moving the updater to ImageJ2 was not without problems – sorry! – most of which were due to the lack of automated tests. However, that situation has now changed: the new updater is backed by a host of regression tests to ensure that it continues to work well as we keep making progress on Fiji and ImageJ2. Happily, as a consequence, the updater is now more solid than before (the bugs we found during the move were all present in the Fiji Updater for a long time, but were luckily never triggered).

The file Fiji_Updater.jar still exists, but just hands off to the ImageJ updater. This paves the way for a smooth upgrade path in the future, when we will make full use of ImageJ2.