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2011-05-01 - ImageJ v2.0.0-alpha2

Today we are releasing the second alpha of ImageJ2, version 2.0.0-alpha2. This is an “alpha”-quality release, meaning the code is not finished, nor is the design fully stabilized. We are releasing it for early community feedback, and to demonstrate project directions and progress.


For this release, like 2.0.0-alpha1, we have tried to model the application after ImageJ v1.x as much as is reasonable. However, please be aware that version 2.0.0 is essentially a total rewrite of ImageJ from the ground up. It provides backward compatibility with older versions of ImageJ by bundling the latest v1.x code and translating between “legacy” and “modern” image structures.

The most significant advancement for 2.0.0-alpha2 is its use of the ImgLib2 image processing library, developed at MPI-CBG by Stephan Saalfeld, Stephan Preibisch, Tobias Pietzsch and others. Development of ImgLib2 received a major boost at the recent Madison Fiji hackathon, and the library is now at a point where it is usable within ImageJ2. Use of ImgLib2 has enabled ImageJ2 to display composite color images with individual color lookup tables, similar to ImageJ 1.x’s CompositeImage but without the seven-channel limit.

For further details on the release, see the README.txt file included with the distribution.