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2010-03-02 - Initial Trac tickets

We are done filing an initial set of Trac tickets for the ImageJDev project. We have defined five initial milestones:

  1. Progress report, for 7/1/2010
  2. ImageJ 2.0 beta, for 1/1/2011
  3. ImageJ 2.0 release, for 7/1/2011
  4. ImageJ 2.5, for 1/1/2012
  5. ImageJ 3.0+, no release date

You can use the roadmap view to see milestone progress. Or if you would rather have a big list of tickets on one page, see open tickets by milestone or all tickets by milestone.

Many of the tickets are quite high level at the moment, and will ultimately need to be broken down into more concrete tasks. But hopefully the tickets there now help to clarify the ImageJDev project’s directions.