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2009-12-04 - Updated TrakEM2 to version 0.7m

TrakEM2 has been updated to version 0.7m

Please call “Help - Update Fiji” to get the new TrakEM2_.jar into your plugins folder.

The update includes:

  • Non-linear layer registration
  • Montaging with phase-correlation
  • Import multiple sections of montages in one short with “Import sequence as grid”
  • New Connector and Treeline types
  • New contrast adjustment mode with “Adjust - Adjust min and max (selected images)”
  • New registration mode with landmarks

And many, many more features and error fixes.

Thanks to Stephan Saalfeld, Ignacio Arganda-Carreras, Mark Longair, Johannes Schindelin and German Koestinger for code, bug reports and testing.