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2009-08-28 - Updated TrakEM2 to version 0.7k

TrakEM2 has been updated to version 0.7k

Please call “Help - Update Fiji” to get the new TrakEM2_.jar into your plugins folder.

The update includes:

  • Added new Stack data type, useful for overlaying confocal image stacks on serial section electron microscopy images. Setup landmarks (a node with only “ball” children, where each ball has a single x,y,z point) for both a project with a confocal stack and a project with serial section TEM, and use “Import - Import stack with landmarks”. Useful as well for importing from confocal to confocal (by Stephan Saalfeld).
  • Added new color composite mode, which is a property of each Displayable object (an image, a pipe, an arealist, …). Select one, right-click and select “Properties…” and choose among normal, add, subtract, multiply, difference and color (YCbCr) (by Stephan Saalfeld).
  • Added a deform option to the multi-layer mosaic image registration (by Stephan Saalfeld).
  • Fixed a number of file path-related bugs for MS Windows.
  • Fixed creation of subprojects. Now arealists, pipes, ball, etc., are cropped to the desired layer range.

See all news here.

Thanks to Stephan Saalfeld for commits, testing, and bug reports.