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2009-07-22 - A new plugin: Tutorial Maker

This is a historic news item. See current wiki editing instructions.

A new plugin entered this world: Tutorial Maker. This plugin is meant to make writing tutorials on the Wiki real fun.

Up until now, writing a tutorial was a hassle, mainly due to having to make snapshots in ImageJ, sometimes using the Delayed Snapshot script, saving all of them, uploading them one by one, starting a new page, repeating the image names all over again when referencing them, and then finally editing the page, touching it up previewing frequently.

Now, the snapshotting business is much easier, with a window that stays always on top and allows immediate and delayed snapshots, triggered by a click or by hovering over the buttons for some time.

After the snapshots are all done, you can edit them to your heart’s content (renaming them will automatically adjust the image reference in the text). Then you edit the text, which so far only consists of the image references and the category.

A menu entry in the Wiki menu of the editor allows you to preview and upload the complete tutorial.

So now the flood-gates are open, and this Wiki will hopefully see a flurry of new tutorials!