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SoC 2009 Template

Project Goals

What is the goal of your project?

Think about what you are going to try to accomplish with your project.

How would you measure its success or failure?

Now put yourself in your potential mentor’s shoes. If you were the mentor for this project, what would make you consider the project to be a success? What features must be there? What functionality must it have?

Describe your project in more detail.

A goal is an end result. A project has a path that leads us to that end result, and should have a few milestones along the way, to help us mark our progress and gain satisfaction from accomplishment. Write this out, in your own words. It will help you to better understand what you are proposing to spend 3 months working on.


What parts of Fiji will you need to modify or enhance?

There is already a lot of code that makes up the Fiji project. It is very unlikely that your project will stand on its own and not make use of any existing code. Describe the existing libraries or other projects that your project will be able to reuse and benefit from.

About You

Can you list some prior projects that you have worked on?

These don’t need to be Fiji (or even open source) related. We’d love to know what your background is! What projects did you work on? What language(s) and tools were used? How many people were involved? What were the primary means of communication within the project? If you have a CV or resume online, please feel free to include a link.

Do you have any prior Fiji/ImageJ experience? Have you started to get involved?

If you have previously submitted a bug report or a patch to our mailing list, or even just chatted up someone on #fiji, please include references when possible. Links to mailing list archives (Fiji, ImageJA or ImageJ) when available would be great.