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This page describes content relating to the Fiji distribution of ImageJ. Click the logo for details.

2008 Hackathon in Dresden

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This is the summary of the final project meeting of the Hackathon which took place at the MPI-CBG in Dresden/Germany from 04/21/2008 till 04/30/2008.

Finished Tasks

Support Windows XP 64 Bit
Packages OS-Dependent
Compile MicroManager
Fiji Launcher
Scripting JRuby, Phyton, BSH, Clojure
BUnwarpJ is now GPL
Command Listener
Debian/Ubuntu Package
2D/3D Registration
Google Groups Fiji-Users List
Multiple Plugins Dir

Started Tasks

MicroManager support
Socket Interface for distributed computing
ITK Interface
Fiji Webstart
Generic Image Container with IJ Compatibilty Layer
Open Version of 3D Transformations

Tasks To Do

Task oriented Tutorial
Script Recording
Extend plugins to support all image types
Generic Dialog - Context Help
Generic Dialog - Advanced Tab
Wiki Wishlist