SpotCounter (ImageJ)
Author Nico Stuurman (nico.stuurman at
Maintainer Nico Stuurman
Source on GitHub
Initial release 2015/07/30
Latest version 2015/07/30
Category Category:Particle_analysis

Simple ImageJ/Fiji plugin to count spots in image stacks. The plugin detects local maxima by scanning the image with a box of user-defined size. Local maxima are accepted when the maximum is higher than a user-defined number over the average of the 4 corners of the box. The plugin outputs the number of spots per frame, the average intensity of all identified spots in a frame, and an estimate of the background intensity. Data can optionally be automatically copied to the System Clipboard. This really is a simple plugin meant to facilitate the work-flow of certain experiments in the lab.

To install this plugin check the "ValelabUtils" update site in the Fiji updater.

SpotCounter.jpg SpotCounterDialog.jpg SpotCounterResults.gif