Spline Deformation Generator

SplineDeformationGenerator (Fiji)
Author Ignacio Arganda-Carreras and Carlos Óscar Sánchez Sorzano
Maintainer Ignacio Arganda-Carreras (iarganda@mit.edu)
File sc.fiji:SplineDeformationGenerator_
Source on GitHub
Initial release March 30th, 2007
Latest version November 21st, 2013
Development status active
Category Transform
Website SplineDeformationGenerator
SplineDeformationGenerator available image deformations

SplineDeformationGenerator is an image processing interface for image deformations developed as an ImageJ plugin. It can perform 5 different types of image deformations:

  • Elastic deformations (represented as well by cubic B-splines).
  • Fisheye deformations.
  • Perspective deformations.
  • Barrel/pincushion deformations.
  • "Smile" deformations, typical from 2D gels images.



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