FLIMJ plugin (ImageJ)
Author CRUK/MRC at University of Oxford
UW-Madison LOCI
Maintainer Curtis Rueden
File flimlib.jar, flimlib-arch-ver.jar,
Source on GitHub
Latest version 1.0.0
Category Category:Analysis
Website https://flimlib.github.io/


The FLIMJ plugin for ImageJ provides the ability to analyze FLIM data within ImageJ, using the FLIMLib library. The plugin can be installed into the Fiji distribution of ImageJ simply by enabling the FLIMJ update site. Features include:

  • Fit individual pixels, entire images per-pixel, or do global analysis on entire images, using FLIMLib's rapid lifetime determination (RLD), Levenberg-Marquardt (LMA) or global analysis (Global) fitting algorithms
  • Single, double and triple exponential fits
  • Gaussian, Poisson and Maximum Likelihood Estimation noise models
  • Produce one or several fitted images depending which parameters (A, τ, Z, χ²) are chosen for visualization
  • Full control over the start and end fit cutoffs known as "cursors"
  • Binning options for various kernel sizes to reduce noise and boost intensity when fitting per-pixel
  • Support for so-called "excitation" or "prompt" files containing a recorded system response function to be convolved with the exponential fit
  • Batch processing support for analyzing many lifetime images as part of a scripting workflow


The FLIMJ plugin is available from the "FLIMJ" update site.

Once you have installed the FLIMJ plugin, it becomes available on the menu under Analyze  › Lifetime  › FLIMJ.


More documentation coming soon. For now, see the source code at: