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Ticket #1052 (closed feature: fixed)

Opened 2012-03-05T14:36:11-06:00

Last modified 2012-12-06T12:53:57-06:00

Improve plugin infrastructure [plugins]

Reported by: curtis Owned by: curtis
Priority: critical Milestone: imagej2-b4-plugins
Component: Plugin Framework Version:
Severity: non-issue Keywords:
Cc: Blocked By: #791, #993, #997, #1376, #1443, #1445

Description (last modified by curtis)

This ticket is for improvements to the plugin infrastructure slated for the 2.0.0-beta4 release.

Change History

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comment:21 Changed 2012-08-03T10:41:29-05:00 by curtis

Some tickets were pushed to beta5; see #1357.

comment:22 Changed 2012-08-07T14:43:58-05:00 by curtis

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comment:23 Changed 2012-08-28T14:31:36-05:00 by bdezonia

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comment:31 Changed 2012-09-06T14:11:06-05:00 by curtis

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Made some good progress on the plugin infrastructure for beta4 (see "Blocked By" tickets for details). Some other tickets pushed to #1357 (same ticket but targeting beta5).

comment:32 Changed 2012-12-06T12:53:57-06:00 by curtis

  • Summary changed from Improve plugin infrastructure (2.0.0-beta4) to Improve plugin infrastructure [plugins]