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Ticket #11 (closed feature: fixed)

Opened 2010-02-15T18:09:12-06:00

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Improve plugins infrastructure

Reported by: curtis Owned by: curtis
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The ImageJ plugin architecture is simple and effective but lacks several desirable features possible with a more sophisticated infrastructure, such as:

  • Self-documentation of a plugin's capabilities and expectations (currently limited support with PlugInFilter.DOES_* fields), including typed inputs and outputs
  • Distinction between multiple kinds of plugins (e.g., I/O vs. image processing vs. general-purpose; currently limited support in the form of PlugIn vs. PlugInFilter)
  • Ability to link plugins together to define workflows (currently done via macros)

This has been discussed in the thread " Plugin infrastructure" on the ImageJX discussion group.

As part of that discussion, Johannes Schindelin has proposed an updated plugin architecture:

We would like to more fully explore this design while maintaining support for legacy plugins. For workflows, we may wish to explore enabling technologies such as  OSGi. It may also be worthwhile to check out  KNIME for further ideas as well.

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comment:1 Changed 2010-02-16T21:40:31-06:00 by curtis

Another technology to investigate is the  Java Image Science Toolkit, used by  MIPAV to provide automated GUI generation for application plug-ins, graphical layout tools, and command line interfaces. It would be very useful to share plugins between multiple systems such as ImageJ, MIPAV,  V3D, ITK/VTK and others.

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The ij-plugin project now has a fleshed-out annotated plugins design, based on initial work by Johannes Schindelin and Grant Harris. It also integrates a more general module/workflow interface hierarchy developed by Aivar Grislis. More work remains, but we have a pretty clear direction for plugins, modules and workflows now.

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See also ticket #15.

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There are still some outstanding tickets blocking this feature from being fully completed.

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