[ImageJ-devel] (headless) command execution

Stefan Posch posch at informatik.uni-halle.de
Thu Mar 13 04:39:09 CDT 2014

Hi Curtis, hi Johannes,

we have a few questions regarding commands and command execution
to wrap them for our graphical editor and also command line execution
of operators resp. commands.

What are the precoditions assumed when running a (headless) command

  o may the command assume that its initializer, if any, has been executed prior to executing its run-Method?

  o may the initializer-Method assume some of the parameter of the command already set
    (as e.g. a single ImageDisplay), and of course, which parameters?

    as an example, the DuplicateImage command adds input parameters to itself
    in its initializer-method depending on the inputDisplay.
    Thus is seems that DuplicateImage requires, that inputDisplay is set prior to
    calling its initializer and that the user is asked for further parameters lateron.

  o more generally, are there parameters of commands set by the standard ij2 preprocessos
    besides a single unresolved Dataset?
    And is there an easy way to figure out
    what preprocessors are run in which order in the standard ij2 context?

- What is your concept to run a headless command from command line (or shell script), which
  adds input parameters dependent on the value of other input parameters?

  Do you encourcage to dynamically add input parameters to commands?

- Is there (still) a static method to get hold of the context, as a while ago was
  possible via ImageJ.getContext() in order not to (very) often create a new
  context (or it the context impemented as a singelton)?
  And how does this work out if running command "truely" headless that is
  from command line without ij2 GUI?

- is it remnants, that some ContextCommands have services as parameters
  as they - if I understand correctly - could retrievee the services from their contex?

- has ij2 already support to execute a headless command from the command line or shell script

Thanks a lot and cheers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Posch,
        Institut fuer Informatik, Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg
        Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, 06099 Halle (Saale)
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