[ImageJ-devel] Disruptive ImageJ updates this Friday

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Tue Dec 16 14:29:21 CST 2014

Hi everyone,

In the wake of the recent ImgLib2 release [1], the new ImgLib2 components
will be uploaded to the core ImageJ and Fiji update sites this Friday,
December 19.

While we have made a concerted effort to update all core ImageJ and Fiji
components to the new version of ImgLib2, there are still consequences to
this upgrade:

- ImageJ users: **plugins on third party update sites may break** if they
use an outdated version of ImgLib2. If you use a lot of update sites, be
cautious about updating during this transitional period. There is a new
2014-Nov-25 Life-Line version of Fiji available for download [2], in case
you need to roll back.

- Plugin developers: **you should update your plugins** which use ImgLib2
to depend on the latest version [3]. Then after Friday's upload, please
upload your updated versions. If you need any assistance, send a mail to
imagej-devel and/or fiji-devel.

Now that the library is out of beta, the ImgLib2 developers will make every
effort to maintain backward compatibility.


[1] http://imagej.net/2014-12-10_-_ImgLib2_released

[2] http://fiji.sc/Downloads#Fiji

[3] One easy way to do this is to extend pom-imagej 5.2.1, or pom-fiji
6.1.1 if your plugin is a Fiji component. If in doubt, check your
dependency hierarchy to make sure you are depending on imglib2 2.0.1 or
newer (you can run "mvn dependency:tree" or check the Dependency Hierarchy
in Eclipse). Further reading: http://imagej.net/Architecture
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