[ImageJ-devel] Fiji website down

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Mon Mar 25 10:30:44 CDT 2013

Dear fellow scientists,

our trusty Fiji server in Dresden is not so trusty anymore, but instead
met its end.

The name 'fiji.sc' will soon be resolved to the same computer that hosts
the read-only Fiji Wiki mirror (which will soon be *the* Fiji Wiki):
fiji.imagej.net. It might take a while until the DNS settings trickled
through to you. In the meantime, please use http://fiji.imagej.net/

For those of you who still have not updated their bookmarks from
pacific.mpi-cbg.de to fiji.sc in all those years, this is the time to do

Such things always happen at the most inconvenient time, and this is not
an exception. Please bear with us, we will need a little bit of time to
get things half-way back to normal.


P.S.: My major priority is to get the Fiji Wiki back up. The update site
should be next. The developer resources might not come back at all.

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