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Simple Neurite Tracer: Selecting paths

There are three ways of selecting a particular path in Simple Neurite Tracer.

In the Path Window

You can select a path in the Path Window. You can also use the up and down cursor keys to go through the list quickly, and see which paths turn green in the 2D and 3D tracing views.

In the 2D tracing view

If you press the G key with your mouse over a path in the 2D tracing view, that path should be selected. Note that this is the nearest path to the point shown in the image, so if you're showing paths projected through all slices, this may not be the one you expect. You can make this more obvious by switching the 'View paths (2D)' option to 'parts in nearby slices'. Alternatively, just move through the stack to a nearby slice before pressing G.

In the 3D tracing view

There are various ways to select a path in the 3D viewer, from easiest to most difficult:

  • If you press G when the mouse is over a path in the 3D Viewer, it will be selected.
  • If you select a path in the 3D viewer, it should now also be selected in the rest of the tracing interface. One way of doing this is via the "Select" menu.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the path in the 3D view. Note that you will probably have the problem that clicks in the 3D view only select the volume rather than the paths - you can get around this by selecting the volume and then unticking Edit  › Hide/Show  › Show content to hide the volume rendering. Then clicking on the paths will be easy.