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SciJava (SciJava)
Author SciJava consortium
Maintainer Curtis Rueden
Source on GitHub
Development status Active

SciJava is a collaboration of projects providing software for scientific computing—an effort to cooperate and reuse code when feasible.

The SciJava component collection

The following component layers are part of the SciJava component collection:

  • SciJava - foundational layer unspecific to image processing, including the SciJava Common shared library with powerful plugin framework and application container, and plugins built on it.
  • ImgLib2 - core libraries for N-dimensional image processing.
  • SCIFIO - core libraries for N-dimensional image I/O.
  • ImageJ2 - core libraries and application for N-dimensional image processing.
  • Fiji - "batteries-included" distribution of ImageJ, bundling a lot of plugins which facilitate scientific image analysis.
  • BigDataViewer - re-slicing browser and Fiji plugin for terabyte-sized multi-view image sequences
  • TrakEM2 - Fiji plugin suite for morphological data mining, three-dimensional modeling and image stitching, registration, editing and annotation.
  • Bio-Formats - libraries and ImageJ plugins for life sciences image format I/O.

All components in this collection are managed by SciJava's Bill of Materials to make it easier for downstream components to use them without version conflicts.

The SciJava pledge

The following projects are part of the SciJava pledge to work together, reuse code and synergize wherever possible:

Imagej2-icon.png Cellprofiler-logo.png Knime-logo.jpg Omero-logo.png Scenery-logo.png
Fiji-icon.png Icy-logo.png Mm-icon.jpg Vcell-icon.png Bio-formats-logo.png Alida-logo.jpg MiToBo-logo.png

See the Architecture and Governance pages, as well as the SciJava web site, for further details.