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Project Fiji
Source on GitHub
License GPLv3
Release 1.1.2
Date Sat Apr 29 22:59:27 CDT 2017
Development status Stable
Support status Partial
Founders Ricardo Henriques
Leads Ricardo Henriques
Developers -
Debuggers -
Reviewers -
Support Ricardo Henriques
Maintainers Daniel James White, Curtis Rueden
Contributors Johannes Schindelin, Jan Eglinger, Mark Longair, Mark Hiner

The QuickPALM ImageJ plugin enables PALM/STORM 2D/3D/4D particle detection and image reconstruction. It uses fast methods to make the reconstruction very quickly, or even in real time.


Henriques, R.; Lelek, M. & Fornasiero, E. F. et al. (2010), "QuickPALM: 3D real-time photoactivation nanoscopy image processing in ImageJ", Nature methods 7(5): 339-340, PMID 20431545, <> (on Google Scholar).

For Full Documentation, and details of how to build your own super resolution system, please visit: QuickPALM pages at Google Code