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Distortion Correction

Lens correction (ImageJ)
Author Verena Kaynig (verena.kaynig [at]
Maintainer Verena Kaynig
File included in TrakEM2
Source on GitHub
Latest version 18/05/2010
Development status active


This plugin can be used to estimate nonlinear distortions induced by the image acquisition process[1] . It does not require special calibration samples, but needs sufficient overlapping image areas with preferably high contrast. For further information on how to best arrange calibration images please see the documentation.


The documentation of this plugin is in this pdf.

  1. Verena Kaynig, Bernd Fischer, Elisabeth Müller, and Joachim M. Buhmann (2010), "Fully automatic stitching and distortion correction of transmission electron microscope images", Journal of Structural Biology 171(2): 163-173, doi:10.1016/j.jsb.2010.04.012, <>