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3D Viewer: Example code

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Below you can find a list of all the example java classes for download, together with a short description.

  • Demonstrates how to create a virtual universe and display an image stack as volume rendering, orthoslices, isosurface or surface plot.
  • Demonstrates how to change attributes like color or transparency of a Content. Also discusses the meaning of these attributes for various display types.
  • Demonstrates how to create named points for a Content and how to handle those landmark sets.
  • Demonstrates how to animate the virtual universe and create a movie which can subsequently be embedded into presentations.
  • Shows how a VoltexGroup can be retrieved after displaying a stack as a volume rendering, and how the volume can be edited.
  • Shows how a OrthoGroup can be retrieved after displaying a stack as orthoslices and how the displayed slices can be changed and hidden.
  • Shows how a SurfacePlotGroup can be retrieved after displaying a stack as a surface plot and how to update the displayed slice.
  • Shows how to create custom meshes, consisting of triangles, lines, points or quads, and how they are displayed in the universe.
  • Shows how to load 4D data, visualize and animate in the universe.