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Ticket #5 (closed task: fixed)

Opened 2010-02-15T13:26:56-06:00

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Find tools for UML generation

Reported by: curtis Owned by: rlentz
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We want to generate UML diagrams and other visualizations of the ImageJ class hierarchy, to aid in understanding and prioritizing work.


util.svg (58.2 KB) - added by rlentz 2010-03-01T12:23:43-06:00.
Util Package
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Text Package
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Process Package
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Plugin Package
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Measure Package
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Macro Package
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IO Package
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IJ Package
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GUI Package

Change History

comment:1 Changed 2010-02-15T13:27:04-06:00 by curtis

One useful tool is  UMLGraph, which generates UML diagrams from Java class hierarchies using javadoc (as a doclet) and  Graphviz:

java -cp $CP:/Users/curtis/apps/UMLGraph-5.2/lib/UmlGraph.jar \
  org.umlgraph.doclet.UmlGraph -public \
  -sourcepath /Users/curtis/code/LOCI/imagej/src \
  ij ij.gui ij.macro ij.plugin ij.plugin.filter \
  ij.plugin.frame ij.process ij.text ij.util \
  -output - | dot -Tpng -oImageJ.png -Gratio=0.7

In practice, though, we may need to limit this to 1-2 packages at a time.

comment:2 Changed 2010-02-19T14:55:39-06:00 by curtis

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comment:4 Changed 2010-02-25T12:52:38-06:00 by rlentz

In addition to the tools already mentioned, IBM's Rational Software Architect Standard Edition has several tools that can automate some of the modeling and analysis processes we are likely to take on. Specifically, the use of Java to UML through the specification of a transformation and Software Analysis features.

comment:5 Changed 2010-03-01T12:22:43-06:00 by rlentz

9 UML Diagrams were created covering the current ImageJ code base. Files are respective of package and thus vary in size.

Changed 2010-03-01T12:23:43-06:00 by rlentz

Util Package

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Text Package

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Process Package

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Plugin Package

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Measure Package

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Macro Package

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IO Package

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IJ Package

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GUI Package

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comment:7 Changed 2010-03-01T12:46:06-06:00 by curtis

Which tool did you use to generate these diagrams?